We convene

a diversity of people who work towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We explore

the root causes of today’s most pressing challenges and our collective potential to make a difference, through dialogue.

We prototype

new ways of working and living together and share what we learn.

Our activities

Social Labs

We organise journeys where we address and explore social challenges (=Quests), bringing together unlikely allies to find solutions that tackle the root causes of todays challenges, rather than the symptoms.

Dialogue Evenings

The equivalent to the Social Lab at a local level. Dialogue evenings are dedicated to the challenge of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Switzerland through dialogue and collaboration between different actors from all areas of society.

Community Platform

We are currently working on a platform through which interested people can contribute resources and talents, or hand in their own project related to SDG topics.


"What is the call of our times? I believe it is to realise that the future is already here. All the seeds, all the living examples, all the partners we need to pull this off are already here. But we need to attend to and connect with them, and nurture the deeper eco-systems of collaboration and co-creation." - Otto Scharmer


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