Dialogue Evenings

What is it?

Dialogue evenings are 3 hour exchange and conversation, designed to create an authentic, safe and inclusive space in which we enable conversations between a diverse group of people (who would not usually meet) to explore deep connections and new ways of viewing the problems we are facing and the topics that for different reasons are very important to us.

Dialogue evenings are designed to shift the conversations we usually have around difficult, complex and sometimes ambiguous topics, from a place of debate & problem solving to one that explores the opinions, experiences, views and questions on a deeper level, which enables the potential for something new to happen.

Dialogue Evenings are aiming to engage a wider Swiss population at the local community level, to transform the way we can take part in shaping our own context and to empower active citizenship. They take place in the local language/whichever language the host chooses

Do you want to host a dialogue evening?

Would you like to have a dialogue with your work team? Family? Coworking space? Community? Classmates? Dialogue Evenings are an opportunity for anyone to create a space of meaningful exchange around a topic that matters to him/her/them. The host will provide the venue for the event, and it will be supported by 1 or 2 collaboratio helvetica facilitators.

If you want to host a dialogue evening, sign up here:


Would you like to facilitate dialogues?

Are you curious about holding the space for dialogue, human connection and deep listening in a group? Do you think you can learn something from us, or we can learn something from you? 

Sign up and join our second Dialogue learning day (7th of July 2018) here:


During the day you will experience and learn about Dialogue and the Dialogue Evenings that we have been creating within collaboratio helvetica over the last year. You will also meet a unique group of highly motivated and dialogue inspired people, and maybe find a new project partner, a new ressource or develop an idea based on Dialogue together. 

With this day we wish to empower the community and reinforce the energy out there in the Swiss context who sees a potential, a power and a necessity to embrace and embody dialogical spaces for societal change and bring more quality and authenticity into the conversations we have in general. 

The connection between the Dialogue Evenings and the Social Lab:

Dialogue Evenings are the equivalent of the Social Lab at a local level. We will run Dialogue Evenings on questions related to the Quests of the Social Labs in different locations all over Switzerland, in order to involve the Swiss population in meaningful conversations around these topics. The output from these events directly feeds into the Social Labs, further advancing the discussion. Further, Dialogue Evenings are an opportunity for the host venue to establish a connection with the local community and position themselves as a forum where ideas, thoughts and feelings can be exchanged.

Our dialogue evenings topics so far:


Our Quest: How can we, as individuals and organisations at the forefront of societal change, fully practice and embody Gender Equality?

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Our Quest: How can we work towards a way of working that is regenerative to us as human beings, our organisations and our planet?

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Our Quest: How can we, as key actors of swiss ecosystem, transform the way we consume and produce to lead the transition to a sustainable future?

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Here are our upcoming Dialogue Evenings: