Dialogue Spaces

Why do we work with Dialogue?

Dialogue evenings are dedicated to the challenge of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Switzerland through dialogue and collaboration between versatile actors from all areas of society.

All too often, complex issues such as poverty, climate change or gender discrimination are discussed only in the political arena, between "important" actors or between groups tending to insularity who shared the same opinion. We believe that any global or national challenge should also be addressed at the local level, by the people who best know the impact of the problem, in a way where people feel and connect to their own personal connection to the matter.

For this to succeed, however, we need the ability to listen to each other and enter into a constructive dialogue. That is why we want to create spaces all over the country where diversity and differences can come together to connect with each other as humans and collectively shape Switzerland of tomorrow.

What do we mean with Dialogue?

At collaboratio helvetica, one of our key method and principle is Dialogue.

By "Dialogue" we mean

  • the kinds of conversations that change something in us when we take part in them, and that shift something between the people who are involved in the conversation

  • Dialogues where we need  to “risk” being authentic and to co-create a space where others can do the same

  • Dialogues about challenging our habits of thought and conversation: listening with attention, speaking with intention and daring to turn the camera around to face ourselves and the roles we might have within the systems we are trying to change

The Dialogue Space is a space where we try to learn and understand not through facts or intellectual knowledge, but through seeing another perspective through the eyes and story of someone else, and through getting a new sense of the broader ecosystem that the discussed issue is part of.

Dialogue Spaces

The Dialogue work within collaboratio helvetica has two kinds of spaces. One is the space of the Dialogue Evenings, a project to activate a widespread conversation and expand Dialogue on a local level. The other is our Dialogue Training, for facilitators and space holders who wants to expand their toolbox and become Dialogue facilitators. You can see more about these two spaces for Dialogue underneath: