Social Labs

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If you have are holding a quest / have a topic that is a systemic challenge and that would need the participation of many different stakeholders to make a change, a Social Lab is a process that could provide a possible pathway.

Social Labs is a format designed to address complex problems like those captured in the Sustainable Development Goals. The approach brings together a diverse group of stakeholders to develop a portfolio of prototype solutions with systemic effect, test those solutions in the real world, use the data to further refine them, and test them again in a process of continuous iteration.

Social Labs address social challenges (= Quests) that are:

  • social: bringing together stakeholders from all sectors to represent diversity of perspectives is key,

  • experimental: by working with prototypes, persisting, and allowing space to fail and try again, we distinguish our methods from a project-based approach,

  • systemic: the solutions that come out of it are meant to tackle the root causes of the challenge and have systemic impact, rather than fight the symptoms.

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