Our principles


Openness &

We co-create, operate on trust, we keep an open mind & heart & will, listen closely, work at eye level, navigate via creative tensions, embrace diversity, check assumptions, work with unlikely allies.

Experimentation &

We learn on the go, experiment, are action-oriented, explore, have an impact, have feedback loops, harvest, have the courage to try and fail and learn from the mistakes, go step by step.

Transparency & Accountability

We are honest, create results & value, care, fully commit, have clear boundaries, have no hidden agenda, take responsibility, honest communication, are aware.

Generosity &

We have positive energy, are optimistic, are grateful, are human, have fun, participate, share, collaborate and contribute.

Rhythm &

We follow the energy, regenerate, are, take time to mature, do sprints, balance, sustain the energy, reflect our actions, are passionate.

Hold &
Give Space

We host and are being hosted, work together, give our best, give space for experimentation and development, give space to think - do - be & be still.


Our driver

Individuals and organisations are driving the implementation of the SDGs in Switzerland but the full potential of that ecosystem is not activated.
We create space to serve individual and collective transformation in order to deepen, expand and sustain impact.


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