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work-money-wellbeing lab

Our Quest: How can we create healthy relationships with work money and wellbeing (for the collective impact we want)?


The origins of this lab

It all started with the wish to launch our second Social Lab on the theme of work, motivated amongst others by the burn-outs that were occuring in the ecosystem. Quickly we added Wellbeing to the mix, as the kind of Work we as people living on this planet earth need is one where we bring back a sense of harmony between the individual, collective and planetary wellbeing. The more we contemplated this dimension and profundity of change the more it became clear that practically none of this can be manifested without the transformation of our value-flow-system: How does the way money flows in our society actually represent what we value?

With this questions we invited to co-initiate the work-wellbeing-money lab. Since then, the question we’ve been sitting with was: How do we design a lab that gives space for the practical, philosophical, spiritual and emotional dimensions of this quest?


Why this topic?

Our current ways of how we work, how money as value-distribution-system functions and how we integrate (or not) a profound understanding of Wellbeing in our system is out of balance. This manifests in different ways where people, society, organisations and the planet are pushed to the limits of our capacities. Another way to look at it is that the sucess of the industrial revolution has brought side-effects with it that we are now experiencing.

To say it with the words of Margaret Whitley: We need to co-create local ecosystems of sanity, where we bring money, work and wellbeing back in harmony with the planetary reality of our earth.


the approach

What is happening is that Switzerland and most of the worlds countries committed to implement the Agenda 2030 having little understanding of how to achieve such a deep societal transformation. What is needed is a concrete opportunity, a compelling story and a heartfelt invitation for (the) people to participate & co-create by taking ownership to use their creativity in which process the way value(s) flow in our society are transformed.

Another way to think about it is the way an artist approaches a blank canvas. Though there is an idea of what the piece of art should look like, it is only through the process of engaging with the material that the art is created.


Future of this lab

At this point in time we had started with a group of explorers into a journey with a completely open space, a true blank canvas. Whereas we did learn a lot in this process we also met some systemic contradictions (e.g. talking about wellbeing whereas simultaneously we are already at the limits of our current capacities) and personal conflicts that made us take the decision to pause the process. However, don’t hesitate to reach out to if you have the impulse to share something with us.

There is no doubt that in this experiment everyone involved learned very important lessons moving forward. We as collaboratio helvetica are currently in the process of making sense of this rich experience in collaboration with everybody that was involved, so we can really harvest our insights & evaluate this social lab. Later this year we will share our findings with you and the community. And then from a point where we are one experience wiser, more knowledgeable and hopefully also skilled - we’ll try again.