Thought leadership and speeches

How can we transform our world? What does leadership in today’s context mean? How can we work together for a better future? If you are looking for inputs on these and more questions, we would be happy to bring ourselves in.

For: Conference and workshop organisers from all sectors

Based on our vision, principles and experience, we bring inspiration and thought-provoking ideasinto your format. Since a young age, Nora Wilhelm has gathered public speaking experiences and is now regularly speaking in different settings. From speeches to lectures, passing by podium discussions and written articles, we are happy to bring our ideas and expertise in. The feedback of past interventions has been excellent, and are always followed up with more requests. Our interventions have taken place in academic and private sector settings, on stages offered by the Federal Government, been published in national media outlets or been welcomed in different conferences. Our foci have included the following topics:

Nora Wilhelm as keynote speaker at the Jahreskonferenz of DEZA

Nora Wilhelm as keynote speaker at the Jahreskonferenz of DEZA

  • Agenda 2030 in Switzerland

  • Leadership

  • Systemic Change

  • Social Laboratories

  • Multistakeholder processes

  • Societal transformation

  • Participation and co-creation

  • Cross-sector collaboration 

  • Business and sustainability

  • Young leadership

  • Vision of the younger generations for Switzerland and the world

  • Gender Equality in Swiss workplaces

Based on our individual and collective experiences, many more are possible. Do not hesitate to reach out!

Cost: Reach out for more information


  • Keynote on “New Partnerships for a Better Future”
    Annual Conference of the Swiss Development Cooperation

  • Criterion

  • Gastvortrag an der Universität Bern zum Thema “SDGs in Switzerland” im Rahmen einer BWL Vorlesung zu Nachhaltigkeit

  • Laudatio at the 40th Anniversary of Biovision (November 2018)

  • Keynote at the JCI Conference on Leadership in the Age of Agenda 2030 (September 2018)

  • “Wer hat Macht?” Podiumsdiskussion im Rahmen der Theaterproduktion 1918.CH – 100 Jahre Landesstreik

  • Wrap up am Forum ö (Mai 2018)

  • Keynote am Forum Kultur und Ökonomie