Thought leadership and speeches

We can offer inspiring and thought provoking content around leadership in the age of the agenda 2030, self-organising, youth engagement, collaboration, the importance of multi stakeholder processes, challenging the system, change is possible, potential of Switzerland, from ego to eco, the future of our planet, gender in Switzerland (gender lab)

Dialogue Evenings

Dialogue evenings are an initiative of collaboratio helvetica, which invites the Swiss population to a lively and meaningful exchange on socially relevant topics.

A Dialogue Evening is a 3-hour event moderated by a host team that guides the participants through a conversation around the topic. The host team consists of an experienced collaboratio helvetica facilitator and a local person. The desired number of participants is between 8 and 18 persons. Every Dialogue relates to an SDG topic (e.g. gender equality, fair work, environment, etc.). These themes can vary and are chosen according to local needs and interests.

All interested and curious people from a local community are cordially invited to participate. During the dialogue evening, the participants go through a process that helps them to connect with the topic on a personal level, to reflect together and to gain new insights from it. Furthermore, the method also opens up new social perspectives and solutions for the relevant topics by using the collective intelligence and perception of the group.

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