Coaching and advising

Are you looking for support to design and facilitate your own format for a team or organisation? We help you find and practice the needed tools and mindsets for efficient and effective change and social innovation.

For: Facilitators, organizational change agents, social intrapreneurs, social entrepreneurs, social activists

We help you find ways to touch head (cognitive connection), heart (empathetic connection) and hand to get participants to perceive the topic on a personal and systemic level and thus activate their intrinsic participation and ownership. We support you in design, process facilitation and in building up the necessary inner and outer conditions.

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Wir unterstützen Gemeinden mit unseren Dialog-Formaten, um die gemeinsame Verantwortungsübernahme zwischen Bevölkerung und EntscheidungsträgerInnen für die Zukunft zu stärken und um auf lokaler Ebene gemeinsam einen Beitrag an die internationalen Nachhaltigkeitsziele zu leisten - denn wirkliche Veränderung beginntimmer auf der lokalen Ebene.

Conferences & large groups

You feel it’s time for another type of conference? Tired of endless discussions in panels and presentations that do not lead to exciting and tangible actions or insights? A conference that is participatory in nature and thus highly energetic with outcomes that participants intrinsically feel ownership for and want to bring into the world? We design and facilitate formats with different proven methods that involve everyone present, activates creativity and enables the diversity present to come up with grounded next steps.