Dialogue Event Prototypes

The Dialogue Prototypes are events that developed out of the Dialogue Trainings, where our Dialogue Training participants took their first steps applying their new dialogue skills at practical and real events and topics. With their Events they reached over 55 people in for different cantons:

  • SDG8: From power struggles to collaboration

  • SDG8: Tickling the tension around work - how to take ownership of our potential?

  • SDG12: Verantwortungsvoller Konsum und Produktion

  • SDG5: gender is an energy

Testimonials of Dialogue Training participants:

“My most important learning from Module 2 was how to balance and be there for space, How to hold tension, I would say how to be more aware of the tension. More I am aware more I can grow and more I grow more my surroundings grow” - Sarah Friederich

“I like the diversity of the exercises. We are thrown into difficult situations but you make sure there is a safe space for everyone.” - anonymous

“ I love the format of dialogue. It's potentially a gamechanging tool to lead the critical mass out of victimhood into a conscious and empowered state.” - Chaim Meister