Playful Rebellion

How can we soften resistance around gender stereotypes?

We don’t know! We haven’t (yet) found the ultimate recipe to break free from gender stereotypes.

Picture Book Collection

Picture Book Collection

But we strongly believe in the power of personal storytelling paired with lighthearted content and a dash of humor.
That’s why we started a Playful Rebellion

What we do

We use humor and storytelling to soften resistance to shifting gender normative stereotypes.

Stories for Awesome Little Humans

Words carry meaning, and meaning structures thinking. Did you know that by the time a child enters kindergarten s/he is already reinforcing the stereotypes learned from their surroundings? Pink is for girls, blue for boys. Or is it?

Stories for Awesome Little Humans is a collection of thoughtfully crafted and beautifully illustrated picture books for children ages 3 - 10. Shared within the family, or in a formal setting, they engage growing humans in conversations with friends, relatives, and educators about gender. In our world, everything is possible, no rules need apply.

This project is in a work in progress. More information coming soon.

What is our Vision

“If you don’t see the book you want on the shelf - write it.”


Playful Rebellion offers simple, creative and humorous toolkits to help awaken a broader public to the pervasiveness and limitations of traditional gender normative stereotypes. We utilize humor and playfulness to soften resistance, and open hearts and minds to change.

We are learning that normative gender stereotypes are harmful to humans across the entire gender spectrum, even those presumed to be in a position of privilege. We want a future where gender identity poses no limitations on personal freedom, and where collective accountability (see something, say something, zero tolerance) is the mechanism to push large scale societal change.

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