Embark on the collaboratio helvetica journey

Collaboration and innovation doesn’t happen in a vacuum, so we are searching for talented, adventurous people with open minds and hungry hearts to start a great expedition. So if you harbour a burning question and you want to go on an expedition with us, different levels of involvement in the cohe-laboratorium are possible, among which you can freely shift at any time:

  • Support the vision

  • Sit back and observe

  • Contribute financially 250 CHF per year

  • Occasionally contribute

  • Bring in your talents sporadically

  • Active in steering the organisation

  • Embark on a project (existing or new)

  • Bring in your talents & full self

  • Take the lead in your chosen area

In short, all Explorers supporting the vision of collaboratio helvetica, are part of our governance, and contribute an annual 250CHF, 80% of which is placed on their co-budget accounts, meaning that the membership fee is 50CHF. Then, there is the opportunity to occasionally contribute to our or other Explorers’ projects and ask for support for yours as a Collaborator, or to fully embark on an adventure with a project, existing or your own, as a Pioneer.

The first Cohort of Explorers will have the opportunity to opt-in to a funded collaborative budgeting experiment that we will run to explore the Quest of what the community chooses to do when it can allocate resources freely. By introducing co-budget for our members, we are aiming to bring transparency and flow to finances, thereby walking the talk in collaboratio and becoming collectively responsible.

You need more information?
Here we go...

May we introduce you to...

albert einstein.png

You have all heard of this man. But did you know that Albert was a Swiss citizen? He developed the theory of relativity, one of the two pillars of modern physics (alongside quantum mechanics). He was not only a heroic scientist, but was also known for being courageous enough to ask the great questions of life. That is why his work is also known for its influence on philosophy.

isabelle eberhardt.png

Isabelle was a Swiss globetrotter and travel writer. Her extraordinary lifestyle fascinated and inspired many people: this young woman wore men's clothing, travelled alone through the Sahara and the Atlas Mountains, and had no fear of the bars and brothels of the Maghreb. All this at a time when women's rights were still minimal.

Raymond lambert.png

Raymond was a Swiss mountaineer and adventurer. On Mount Everest, he and Tenzing Norgay attempted a new world record in 1952. In the end, their rudimentary oxygen equipment proved insufficient for the task. Although he finally failed to climb to the top, his friend Tenzing completed the mission a year later, bringing Raymond’s scarf to the summit.


Three extraordinary explorers who changed the world, each in a very different way. What connects these three stories is a journey towards questioning the world. It’s about following a call, a belief that something else is possible - that's what we want to do at collaboratio helvetica!


To start an expedition we need

a quest to drive it.
resources to carry it out.
a strong community to make it possible.

We believe in a collaborative, innovative and sustainable Switzerland and here to help organisations and individuals who work towards it. The biggest challenges of our time can only be solved collectively. That’s why we invite people to join spaces for open and deep dialogue, to develop sustainable solutions that will transform people, organisations and systems. We build structures and design processes that allow resources and talents, otherwise confined within organisations, to flow towards impact.


To operate an expedition we need:

  • explorers who are passionate in asking questions and searching for new answers

  • to make sure that what drives us is a question and not a rigid goal

  • enough time for detours and to enjoy the journey

  • enough courage to fail with the expedition

  • explorers who question themselves and everything in the mission

  • an open mind to learn things that we might not anticipate



As an Explorer you can

  • Benefit from the network and the many talents and ideas our community HARBOURS.

  • Take part in our governance and shape collaboratio helvetica to serve what you view as essential for the community.

  • Deepen your contribution to the future of Switzerland and find moral, human and financial support for your work.


 Sign up!

Afterwards, one of our team will contact you to find a date for a conversation to discuss what explorer-ship means. Then, you will have the option to formally join collaboratio helvetica, obtaining the rights (e.g. formal voting rights in our organisation’s governance) and obligations that come with it. Once you are an explorer, you may choose to contribute occasionally (#collaborateur), or join or start a new project (#pioneer).

Currently, we are not onboarding new explorers due to capacity reasons but reach out anyway!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to hello@collaboratio.ch