Embark on the collaboratio helvetica journey

Collaboration and innovation doesn’t happen in a vacuum, so we are welcoming talented, committed, curious and adventurous people that bring their knowledge and experience and most importantly their open minds and hungry hearts to join our expedition. If you harbour a burning question, be it an intention to serve a specific cause or a more open intention to make your contribution, and if you want to truly act upon your intention, the collaboratio helvetica Explorership might just be the right next step for you - and the beginning of a new chapter in this great adventure.

With becoming a member of our community, you would onboard into a crew of fellow dedicated and inspiring Explorers, who share, learn together and from each other, and deepen and expand their impact. Once you are an Explorer, various levels of increased involvement in the collaboratio helvetica community are possible based on your unique contribution and interests.

The Expedition


Our mission is to catalyse and cultivate the conditions for collaboration in Switzerland for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


What our platform offers to explorers

  • Deepen your contribution to the future of Switzerland and find moral, human and practical support for your work. Benefit from our network and the many talents and ideas our community harbors.

  • Support each other’s projects, find new ways of making the best ideas a reality, unlock new possibilities to collaborate and create more impact thanks to the learnings and connections.

  • Develop your skills and capacity, attend trainings, learn about new forms and tools of collaboration and dialogue by being part of our community of practice.

  • Broaden your horizon of activity and get involved in the Social Labs, join existing or new projects, attend or host Dialogue Evenings, deliver service with us and become active in the ecosystem.



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We offer a flexible membership scheme with the following categories:

  • CHF 250.- annual membership

  • CHF 500.- annual membership

  • Open amount

You are free to choose whichever membership fee feels right to you. Our suggestion is CHF 250.- or CHF 500.- . If you can’t afford to pay CHF 250.- membership fee, you are very welcome to choose any amount that is possible for you. This amount can also be zero. We welcome everyone regardless of ability to pay. Regardless of the amount you choose, you will have the same privileges and access as everyone else.

In the same way, if finances are not a big limitation, if you love what we are doing and would like to support us, you are very welcome to choose a higher amount and enable someone else to join the community.

Here are some questions that you might want to consider when choosing an amount that feels right to you:

  • Which amount represents a gesture of commitment for you?

  • What are your financial possibilities?

  • What value does it have for you to be part of our community (even though we think it is impossible to measure this in financial value)?

  • Would you like to financially support the continued work needed to maintain and grow our community network, so that others can also benefit from it?

It is our wish to make the membership in our community possible for everyone, regardless of ability to pay. At the same time we are looking for ways to ensure the financial sustainability of our community in a world that does currently not attribute any financial value to “community” and the idea of co-creating, sharing and learning together. Within our community, a small team is in charge of providing the needed services to foster a thriving community of engaged people (for instance providing the necessary information and tools, being the contact point for questions and inputs, making sure that there are interesting events and projects to attend and to participate in etc.), your membership fee will be used to cover a small part of the related costs (currently around CHF 90’000 per year).


What potential you can tap into by becoming an Explorer (very practically):

  • Invitations to internal community events that are entirely or partly funded by collaboratio helvetica

  • Learning opportunities, the possibility to participate in practice spaces and share experiences with other Explorers

  • Possibility to communicate and exchange with other Explorers via internal community communication channels (Slack, Explorer Newsletter)

  • Indirect or direct (peer)support for your projects and ideas, depending on your level of involvement

  • discounts for collaboratio helvetica trainings after having attended to at least 4 events in the last 12 months

  • The possibility to with time become a Practitioner or Pioneer and carry out services and projects in the name of collaboratio helvetica.


… are you ready to be part of the adventure?


Get in touch!

Make sure you already attend one of our events before getting in touch to become an Explorer. After filling out the form below, one of our team members will contact you to invite you to an onboarding evening. The onboarding evenings usually take place every 28th of the month, from 18 to 20:30 pm at the collaboratio helvetica office. After he onboarding, you will have the option to formally join the community.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to community@collaboratio.ch

You would love to support the vision and work of collaboratio helvetica but don’t have the time to contribute actively to its implementation? Become a Supporter instead and support us with your donation!


This project is possible thanks to the support of Stiftung 3FO.