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WHO are we?

We are a growing community of people dedicated to collaboration-driven societal change. collaboratio helvetica was initiated in December 2016 by individuals from the Impact Hubs Bern, Geneva & Zurich, foraus, euforia, Coworking Switzerland and Greenbuzz, with the support from Engagement Migros. We are a pioneer project stepping in the spaces in-between sectors and uniting actors to work towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the Agenda 2030, which we know can only be achieved when unlikely allies come together. We create spaces for open dialogue, experimentation and collaboration to co-create the Switzerland we want to live in.

WHAT is our vision?

We believe that Switzerland can make a unique contribution to the global implementation of the Agenda 2030 as a role-model for dialogue-focused, collaborative and experimental approaches towards societal challenges. What it takes for this is to learn how to collaborate across language barriers, sectors and worldviews in order to develop solutions to the challenges we are facing and co-create the Switzerland we want to live in.

HOW do we work?

We try to walk the talk on collaboration and use elements from Sociocracy 3.0 in both our governance and daily work processes. On our website, you can have a look at our principles as well as at our different projects. We are an entrepreneurial team, where everyone carries responsibility and we work on a eye-to-eye level. We engage our whole being in our work and always hold space for our learning processes, both individual and collective. We are located in Bern 3 days of the week and are free to work from a coworking space or from home the rest of the time. Our main working language is English but also German and French.

WHAT can you expect?

  • Very dynamic and learning-focused environment
  • New ways of collaborating and working together
  • Network and community of inspiring people
  • Space for exploration and experimentation
  • Opportunity to shape and support a start-up project
  • Crazy learning environment (social technologies, facilitation methods and tools, innovation & collaboration, different topic areas)
  • Opportunity to diversify your work and dive into our different projects


WHO are we looking for?

We are looking for 1-2 interns to support the fields social media & design and fundraising & relationships. The first two domains are part of the role “Infoflow” (Communication Management) and the second two domains belong to the role “Powerhouse” (Relationship Management).

Social Media and campaigns (20-40%): Communicating about what we as well as our members do is a crucial aspect of our work and a challenge. We need to ensure the people in and around #cohe have the information they need.

Design and web appearance (20-40%): Our visual identity is part of our communication strategy. With a consistent and recognizable online and print appearance we can support the messages and visions we want to spread.

Relationships and fundraising (20-40%): We have ambitious goals and our work depends on having the needed resources and contacts. We need to build sustainable relationships with a wide array of actors and raise the funds needed.

Read the job descriptions for further information, conditions and next steps!