The next Collaboratio Festival will happen in early October 2019. Stay Put!

A day to experience, connect, co-create and celebrate!

What does the Switzerland you want to live in look like?

Dive into a day of dialogue, experimentation and collaboration to co-create it together during “The Collaboratio Festival”

The festival is a day of celebrating the one year anniversary of collaboratio helvetica and all we have done in this time, as well as the many people dedicated to co-creating the Switzerland we want to live in. This is not an ordinary conference: You will experience, connect, co-create and celebrate!

This is a day to...

...connect with other people
Everyone that is going to be there has a vision of his or her future Switzerland and contributes to the implementation of the Agenda 2030. There is so much potential within all of our dreams, ideas and projects! During our festival you have the chance to connect with many amazing humans and share on your experiences and learnings.

...experience collaboratio helvetica
collaboratio helvetica is at once platform, community, organisation, laboratory and movement. We are a pioneer project, which is dedicated to the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the Agenda 2030 in Switzerland and to create the conditions for fruitful collaboration. In the morning of our festival you do not only learn what we have done so far and planned for the future. You also have the chance to get first hand experiences of our different activities.

…co-create and collaborate
How do we co-create the future Switzerland we want to live in? This first afternoon session is a practical experience on what can be achieved through connection, exchange and collaboration!

...bring in your whole self
The second part of the afternoon is all about your own contributions to this Festival! Everyone is invited to bring in what they are eager to share with the other participants: Workshops, topics, methods, ideas etc. We also invite you to bring one person to share this day with and encourage you to take your kids with you!

...last but not least celebrate
The Collaboratio Festival is a joyful and festive day with many opportunities to celebrate all our efforts for a different future! We want everyone to leave this event happy, appreciated and most of all motivated for future collaboration!

What happened?

Around 100 people aged between 20 and 70 from various sectors and regions of Switzerland met on 18th June on the Gurten (BE) to explore the question: "What does the Switzerland you want to live in look like? Our first Collaboratio Festival was no ordinary conference: we experienced different methodologies, connected around specific SDGs, found new opportunities to collaborate, and celebrated our journeys. Another step towards our visions for Switzerland! We are so happy and grateful about all the people that made this day possible!




Engagement Migros supports pioneering projects in various key areas. The projects break new ground in the midst of social change and share their findings. They test exceptionally promising solution approaches and are models that may be copied and further developed.


Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) Switzerland mobilizes universities, research centers, civil society organizations, business and other knowledge centers to create and implement transformative solutions to achieve the Agenda 2030 and Paris Agreement in Switzerland and beyond.