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Gender is an energy - Dialogue Evening Prototype

  • Innovations-Dorf 36 Wylerringstrasse Bern, BE, 3014 Switzerland (map)
  • How come that so many people don’t engage in existing Gender injustices or stereotypes?

  • Why do we tend to shut down and retire in privacy, pretending that the topic is not (or no longer) of relevance in our live?

  • What is our contribution to the existing social paradigms?

  • How could we be more trustfully that we will be gaining if we face up to Gender stereotypes and injustices?

  • In short: Why has the G-word become so unsexy these times?

This Dialogue Evening on Gender is providing space for the exploration of these questions. In fact, it is offering the opportunity of a radically personal approach outside any academical or political debate.
We are exploring the influence of “Gender” on our own being and behaving in a concrete and sensualized way. Guided dialogue in groups and pairs as well as body and voice exercises will create an unusual and fresh approach. No experience needed.

The evening is a Dialogue Evening prototype facilitated by Katalin Hausel, artist and social innovator, Olivia Ryatt, dancer and practicioner of TCM and Sylvia Garatti, actress and singer. All of them are members of the Dialogue Training, initiated by Collaboratio Helvetica

Sign up by joining the facebook event and write to sylvia to safe a spot:

Costs: Your contribution is welcome!

What is a Dialogue Evening?
Dialogue Evenings are 3 hour exchange and conversation, designed to create an authentic, safe and inclusive space in which we enable conversations between a diverse group of people (who would not usually meet) to explore deep connections and new ways of viewing the problems we as individuals or as a collective are facing. Dialogue Evenings shift the conversations we usually have around difficult, complex and sometimes ambiguous topics, by approaching topics not from a place of debate & problem solving but from a place that explores opinions, experiences, views and questions on a deeper level, to understand their systemic nature.