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Dialogue Learning Day

  • Wylerringstrasse 36 3014 Bern Switzerland (map)

A day to learn and exchange about being in and holding space for Dialogue.

In collaboratio helvetica we are using Dialogue as one of our key methodologies, because we want to bring the format of dialogue to the peripheries to create deeper human connection as starting points to discuss the main challenges of our time.

We have found out that we love the nature of dialogue and the potential and new possibilities that the format of a dialogue can unleash.
Are you too, curious about holding the space for human connection and deep listening in a group? For Dialogue Evenings or dialogues in general? You think you can learn something from us, or we can learn something from you?
If the answer to this question is three times yes, we would like to invite you to join us for a day of learning and exchange about dialogue methods and experiences.

The day will focus on being part of dialogue and experiencing dialogue rather than learning “about” dialogue.
The day will be co-created, as well as facilitated.
The content is dynamically shaped by all of our and your different ways, tools and experiences with dialogue. There will also be space for listening to and working with some of the questions that might be present in the room.

HOW DO WE USE DIALOGUE IN collaboratio helvetica?
Dialogue is part of the vision at collaboratio helvetica. Over the last year, we have been hosting open spaces (called Dialogue Evenings) between versatile groups of people in CH on different relevant societal issues or topics around the Sustainable Development Goals(SDG´s).

A Dialogue Evening is a 3 hour event, hosted by a local co-working space and facilitated by collaborate helvetica. Each Dialogue has a topic that can be more or less scoped (f.eks. “Gender Equality” as a topic by itself or “parenting” as a subtopic to Gender Equality). During the Dialogue Evening the participants goes through a facilitated process that helps them to connect, learn and reflect about the topic on a personal level, but also to open up new perspectives and solutions to the topic by using the collective intelligence and sensing of the group.

Find here more info to Dialogue Evenings