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Dialogue Evening - A dialogue about how to think in times of urgencies

  • collaboratio helvetica 11 Funkerstrasse Bern, BE, 3013 Switzerland (map)

In the face of irreversible climate change and mass extinction, how can one devise a life of responsibility, contentment and sustainability?

Who is this Dialogue Evening for?
This is an invitation to everybody intrigued to explore a dialogue that goes deep into the topic of sustainability,. To explore with a diverse group of people from all kinds of backgrounds how to stay with the trouble of the planetary condition, without losing hope or giving up. 

It is the kind of conversation that dares to ask the difficult questions and sprout authentic responses. A conversation where we want to talk about our relation, ambiguities, experiences and questions we have regarding hope and the future. 

What is a Dialogue Evening?
Dialogue Evenings are 3 hour exchange and conversation, designed to create an authentic, safe and inclusive space in which we enable conversations between a diverse group of people (who would not usually meet) to explore deep connections and new ways of viewing the problems we as individuals or as a collective are facing.
Dialogue Evenings shift the conversations we usually have around difficult, complex and sometimes ambiguous topics, by approaching topics not from a place of debate & problem solving but from a place that explores opinions, experiences, views and questions on a deeper level, to understand new dimensions of our patterns and human behaviour. It invites each participant to embark on a personal journey of sharing and listening, with no particular goal in mind apart from participating in an open dialogue.

What drives this invitation?
Sustainable consumption, and generally sustainable development is on the agenda of every organisation and individual who cares to face the facts of climate change. At the same time, the news of daily devastation is in the papers every day: Switzerland consumes 3x the amount of natural resources available in the country itself. Switzerland ranks second in Europe in waste per capita, at about 700 kg in 2016. Globally, we have lost 52% of our biodiversity since 1970. By 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans. When we hear these facts on climate change and consumption we often feel just hopeless and sometimes completely paralysed. Most people do not even want to think about it, not because they are climate change deniers, but because they are overwhelmed.
A lot of organisations and individuals are trying to do the right thing, but what is the right thing to do facing such an ominous challenge? How do we keep hope and contentment? How did we forget that we are all in it together? How can we talk to our children about it? 
We are curious to ask and explore what underlying engine is driving this challenge. What is the way to instil a culture of conscious coexistence? What are the intellectual, psychological and practical strategies to navigate the narrow line between denial and desperation? What gets in the way?

There will be some snacks and drinks at the event. You are welcome to contribute with anything you like. 

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