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Actualising Societal Transformation: Catalyst Lab Module 2

Module II

Guiding Question:

“What practices guide us along in taking societal transformation off the ground and start manifesting it coherently ?”

What will happen:
This module will be a training context to sharpen the “muscles” for realising societal transformation and getting a deeper understanding of what it means and takes to steward tumultuous (VUCA) contexts we are working in and with, in particular by:

  • Exploring systemic change from different perspectives

  • Gaining an overview of the core elements, frameworks and principles of this body of work called societal transformation

  • Condensing the core methods and approaches that collaboratio helvetica has woven together (i.e. Theory U, Art of Hosting, Social Labs, …)

  • Learning how to actualise and facilitate systemic change

  • Understanding complex systems, change management and the leverager as well as pit-fall points

  • Practicing a common set of methods and language

  • Consolidating a strong peer group and community for change

  • Deepening our Practicing deep listening and dialoguing, especially also with the light on conflict resolution and tracing trauma-informed dynamics

  • Tapping into the potential of collective intelligence

This retreat starts with a public evening event at Generationenhaus Bern on societal transformation & the Agenda 2030 in Bern. On the same evening the cohort and additional module visitors (max. 30 participants) will transfer together to a seminar house outside of Bern (Landguet Ried) for the remaining two days of this retreat.

Course fee for the 2-day training (incl. tea break and snacks - excl. accommodation and food) :
CHF 950.- for organisations
CHF 750.- for individuals
CHF 500.- for explorers

Our approach:
We us an experience-based and interactive retreat format with program parts both inside and outside and sessions that take part in the big group, in small groups and in solo format. Find our toolbox here.
The core methods used are:

  • Theory U from Otto Scharmer, Presencing Institute & MIT;

  • Art of Hosting;

  • the Social Lab approach by Zaid Hassan as well as ;

  • topic- and/or group relevant innovation and change methods.

For whom:
People who feel called to or are working towards a meaningful contribution to societal transformation in business, civil society, public administration, academia or any other field. People of all ages, gender, backgrounds and origins are welcome. People who dare to stretch their comfort zones, reflect on their assumptions and beliefs and are ready to work both on a personal as well as on a systemic level.

For more information on the Catalyst Lab, please visit here.