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Dialogue Learning Day

Info about the coming Dialogue Training

We invite you to come together for a learning day to learn about and experience deep Dialogue.

We need Dialogue when KNOWING how to change the world is not enough. We understand Dialogue as one of our most treasured practice spaces for understanding symptoms and social complex problems and conflicts. Together with collaboratio helvetica we are exploring how deeper dialogues can make a real systemic contribution to the sustainable challenges that faces the times we live in.

We open this day as a space for practise and for diving into the dialogue method. We invite a diverse group of people to join us. If you are sceptical about our thesis you are even more so welcome. The dialogue we wish to host is made up by diverse people with different opinions and life stories. Everything is welcome.

The day will focus on being part of dialogue and experiencing dialogue rather than learning “about” dialogue.
The day will explore deeper the 4 principles for dialogue.
The day is not be a classical workshop, but a process where we let things emerge within a framework and there will be space for listening to and working with what is present in the room.

What we call Dialogue is more than a setting where people come together and talk with each other.
Dialogue can be understood as a context in which tools, distinctions and processwork flow together, to enable people to learn from each other to understand root causes of conflict and to find the togetherness in each other instead of differences.
Dialogue is a context, with a delicate quality, that allows new ways of unfolding the question “what is really going on here”? And “why is this happening”? The elements that makes up this quality are present and aware people who are sharing real and raw stories, emotions and experiences instead of processed conclusions, theories and concepts. As well it is the presence of a safe space that everyone helps building and supported by a few guidelines and principles.

HOW DO WE USE DIALOGUE IN collaboratio helvetica?
Dialogue is part of the vision at collaboratio helvetica. Over the last year, we have been hosting open spaces (called Dialogue Evenings) between versatile groups of people in CH on different relevant societal issues or topics around the Sustainable Development Goals(SDG´s).

Sliding and guiding price: 50-100 CHF

+++ From 18.00 - 19.00 we open the space for information and question concerning the upcoming Dialogue Training (ENG/GER) starting in Nov. 2019. Read more about that here.

We look forward seeing you and learning with you.

Sidsel and Christine

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