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Preparing Cycle 2–Dialogue for Education

  • 16 Trittligasse Zürich, ZH, 8001 Switzerland (map)

From October 2018 - May 2019 15 participants went through a deep learning process to grow themselves as facilitators for dialogue and to step into a circle and community for the practice of dialogue. This was simply a fantastic journey, and we still feel the ripples from the personal and collective impact and learnings that took place.

We are passionate, curious, excited and called to continue this work, and offer another learning journey starting in October 2019. This time in the field of Education.

Our learning institutions are the building blocks of our community. They carry all of the tradition and wisdom of generations past; they are our first and most influential teachers about cooperation, rigor, work ethic, creativity and appreciation.
AND they bear the weight of those things that trouble us in our lives. We see the frantic search for purpose, we feel the unrealistic expectations of success, we sense the extent that exclusion mirrors our own acceptance of ourselves… and the symptoms manifest as bullying, bursts of anger, loneliness, addiction, disengagement, self-criticism, self-absorption, lack of enthusiasm or even enjoyment.

For the next training cycle we call in YOU you who are an educator yourself, or you who are a facilitator interested in educational systems change. And you who resonates with the following questions:

Do you feel it is time to learn how to ask the uncomfortable and unspoken questions? Is it your passion to guide people into deeper layers of understanding symptoms which are reflected by different social challenges?
Are you interested to be part of a Dialogue Facilitators community, who explores the dialogue methodology on a deeper level, and who discovers themselves in the process?

During this training process we will work with around 15 individuals on their personal facilitation growth journeys and as a group we will support a few specific schools or institutions with a systems change towards a culture of dialogue. How?

Part of the journey is to get practical and to work in teams on specific prototypes. These prototypes will happen in collaboration with 2-3 schools/institutions. It might be that the specific school or institution is also the workplace of some of our training participants. As a community we will collaborate with the school/institution and role model, embody our practises together with students and teachers. Sidsel (one of the founders of this training) have already worked successfully with this model in Denmark at a number of schools and institutions, and we will build on the knowing and learning from these experiences.

- The training will be held in German and a bit of English.
- The training will have an estimated price of 2000-3000 CHF
- Stay tuned, there will be more information coming soon in our flyer.

This training is led in the spirit of the CoHe principles and in close collaboration with its organisation and team.