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Dialogue Event Prototype: Tickling the tension around work

  • Karl der Grosse 14 Kirchgasse Zürich, ZH, 8001 Switzerland (map)

How can we take ownership of our potential?

Work is a term that seems stigmatised. More often than not it‘s associated with something one has to do in order to survive. But does it need to be? Some of the most successful entrepreneurs see work as a joyful creative outlet and as their mission much rather than a burden. What causes this discrepancy? How can we take ownership of our potential? One thing is for sure: Through technological advances, globalisation and digitalisation we are faced with a more complex work environment than ever before. The growing need to contribute in a meaningful way makes the topic even more complex and causes even more uncertainties.

It seems therefore to be more important than ever to ask some powerful, thought-provoking questions surrounding tensions at work and the unfolding of our potential. Where is the joy in your work? Which role do you play at work? What would it look like to fully own your potential? What is relevant work to you?

In this dialogue prototype event we aim to take the heaviness out of the subject in a judgment-free zone. No need to fear your boss‘ retaliation for speaking your mind. The event is all about creating an open and a safe space in which each participant gets to explore the issue, gets to practice the art of empathic listening and to connect with other like-minded people. There are no expectations, the dialogue can take on any direction. It‘s up to you as a participant. You shape the event.

pay what feels right. In order to cover the basic costs, the recommended contribution per participant is CHF 25.-.

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What is a Dialogue Evening?
A Dialogue Evenings is a 3-hour exchange and conversation, designed to create an authentic, safe
and inclusive space in which we enable conversations between a diverse group of people (who would
not usually meet) to explore deep connections and new ways of viewing the challenges we as
individuals or as a collective are facing.
Dialogue Evenings shift the conversations we usually have around difficult, complex and sometimes
ambiguous topics, by approaching topics not from a place of debate & problem solving but from a
place that explores opinions, experiences, views and questions on a deeper level, to understand their
systemic nature.