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Dialogue Evening Prototype: From power struggles to collaboration

  • Breitingersaal, Kulturhaus Helferei 13 Kirchgasse Zürich, ZH, 8001 Switzerland (map)

The way we work and define work is rapidly changing. Through digitalisation, a whole new set of professions and required skills is emerging, while many traditional professions are changing or disappearing. Current levels of stress and burnout are at alarming levels. The expectations towards work are changing, many people are no longer willing to just function in a given position, they long to co-create, bring in their aspirations, contribute towards a purpose, have a meaningful task. New ways of structuring organizations are emerging (Sociocracy, Holacracy, lean and agile methods…). In many ways “business as usual” seems to no longer be functional and able to deal with today’s complexity.
How does the Future of Work look like? What is needed to move from power struggles to collaboration? What do you need to openly collaborate and to be able to fully bring in yourself? How can we create structures that enhance integrity, purpose, and co-creation, and that contribute to a regenerative future?
We invite you to a collective exploration of this topic in the format of a Dialogue Evening. What is your experience? What are you longing for? What questions are you holding?
In this Dialogue Evening, we will explore the topic by using different dialogue and sharing tools. Additionally to the verbal dialogue, we will also explore dialogue on a physical level through PlayFight, a tool that combines conscious fight, play and mindfulness. It is a ritual of meeting others and discovering yourself. We use our strength to relate to one another consciously, in a safe space and with the support of the circle.

We are looking forward to meeting you there!

This evening is hosted by PlayFight Club.
This is a dialogue evening prototype offered by Elsa, Sarah and Martin, participants of our ongoing Dialogue Training.

Who is this Dialogue Evening for?
This is an invitation to everybody intrigued to explore a dialogue that goes deep into the topic of the future of work, and to explore it with a diverse group of people from all kinds of backgrounds.
As a participant, you can expect a space for exchange, for learning and for connection. A space where our main focus is to experience and learn from being in the question and in the dialogue itself, rather than on finding answers and produce tangible solutions as fast as possible. As we will use PlayFight as one of the tools, you can expect that we will move our body and be in contact with other people.

What is a Dialogue Evening?
A Dialogue Evenings is a 3-hour exchange and conversation, designed to create an authentic, safe and inclusive space in which we enable conversations between a diverse group of people (who would not usually meet) to explore deep connections and new ways of viewing the challenges we as individuals or as a collective are facing.
Dialogue Evenings shift the conversations we usually have around difficult, complex and sometimes ambiguous topics, by approaching topics not from a place of debate & problem solving but from a place that explores opinions, experiences, views and questions on a deeper level, to understand their systemic nature.

Costs: pay what feels right. In order to cover the basic costs, the recommended contribution per participant is CHF 25.-.

Bring with you: comfortable clothing - ideally long sleeves and long trousers.
There will be beverages and snacks. You are also welcome to bring a snack for our buffet.

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Later Event: April 6
Dialogue Learning Day