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Dialogue for our Future Democracy - Initiation gathering

  • collaboratio helvetica 112 Reichenbachstrasse Bern, BE, 3004 Switzerland (map)

Join the initiation Dialogue on the Future of Democracy

We have come to realise that the paradigms on which our democratic societies are built do not function sufficiently and are not anymore capable of holding the current complexities we are finding ourselves in. We know how to live based on truths from the past, which today inevitably results in one group attempting to impose their truths on another. Our system are too often incapable of tackling the issues at hand in reasonable and “healthy” ways for more than just one part. Maybe it is then also our current democratic forms of participation that come to their limits: Do yes and no answers do justice to the existing complexity? How do we deal with the exclusivity of our democracy where 25% of the population cannot vote on a national level? We need to dare to question our current system of democracy and support shifting the paradigms it’s built on.

Therefore we see a need to gather a group of people who are deeply interested in the topic of the future of democracy. Those who are moved by the current challenges that faces our democracy. Those who are already or want to be frontrunners in leading democratic change and development.

  • What do you see and what do you experience is happening to and within our democracy? What do you see is missing from this picture so far? What is it we’re not seeing?

  • What questions do we need to ask if we want to understand these seeings and experiences on a deeper level? What’s the next level of thinking we need to do, and how to we get there?

  • What is it that really matters to you? And what is your own relationship and story to democracy that we can tap into when we want to understand the system as a whole?

Could you see yourself answering to one of these questions or could you see yourself as one of those front runners?

Then we invite you to step into this dialogue on the 17th, where we will approach the topic of democracy through a deep dialogue with a group of people to find underlying topics that help shaping a quest and project on “Future of Democracy”.

Our belief is that Switzerland has a unique potential to build on our cultural heritage to rediscover and develop dialogue-based and collaborative approaches to societal challenges and thereby empower ourselves to co-create the (democratic) system we would like to live in.

“The capacity for talking together constituted the foundation for democracy far more than voting”
- William Issacs

Through practises of dialogue we learn how to engage our hearts. This does not mean wallowing in sentimentality. It refers instead to cultivating a mature range of perception and sensibility that is largely discounted or simply missing from most governmental contexts.

“Once people rediscover the art of talking together they do not go back. The rediscovery seems to awaken something deep within us, some recognition of what we have lost as our societies have drifted away from the core practises that can make them healthy.”
- David Bohm

Our deeper purpose underlying this invitation is to make a real contribution to the development of our democracy. We want to find out what’s possible. We want to find out who really cares. Who can see themselves being part of such an exploration?

We don’t have all the answers of what the future will look like, we just sense that there is on the one hand a big need and on the other hand a deep sense of what could be. We wish to come together to find dedication around creating this future together, one step at a time.