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Dialogue evening: learning to stay with the trouble

  • KaosPilots Switzerland Wylerringstrasse 36 3014 Bern Switzerland (map)

This Dialogue space is about exploring and diving deeply into the question from Donna Harraway. “What happens when human exceptionalism and bounded individualism, those old saws of Western philosophy and political economics, become unthinkable in the best sciences, whether natural or social? Seriously unthinkable: not available to think with".

We aim at become better at holding space for each other while engaging with the deeply disturbing facts of our times and support each other to find a way to keep thinking and feeling our way into the future.

Already 2 prototypes of this dialogue space has happened before. In the last one we did in November, we decided to change the structure of the evening, and add some new elements, like contact improvisation and mindful connection exercises. It turned out that these had a powerful impact, and helped us connect with each other, and the deeper purpose of dialogue, without explaining theories and frameworks. The simple exercise of leaning against someone else back to back, accepting their weight and support, while trusting them to support us, opened up new ways to continue this journey, away from old techniques of problem solving, and towards a more interconnected approach to view ourselves.

It also helped us realise that what we are trying to achieve is a dialogue practice, where we can come together regularly and explore and re-explore different ways to let ourselves make space for other people’s experiences in our mental universe. We think that this will let us alter how we make decisions in our daily life, and how we find new ways towards a more sustainable living.

We would like to invite you to join us further on this journey. We will gather again on January 4th, and continue to think with each other, move and breath with each other, and let us change, without actively pursuing a single goal. The question we would like to propose this time is about practices of caring through memory: Recall one or more instances when in a difficult situation, you remembered something of the shared past and telling this sudden emerging of a memory changed the situation. What was the situation? What memory appeared? Did the other person remember? How did it change the situation?

There will be some snacks and drinks at the event. You are welcome to contribute with anything you like.

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