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What is Regenerative Travel?

  • Impact Hub Bern 28 Spitalgasse Bern, BE, 3011 Switzerland (map)

What is regenerative travel?

Our travels almost always do us good. They are ways we open to new people, places and re-create ourselves by setting ourselves free from the routines of work, roles and home life. Regenerative travels allow us to learn, grow, fall in love and potentially make life-changing decisions. We are also aware that we don’t, and can not, pay the full sustainable price to the people we visit or the unique planet we live on. “Nature” and the TagesAnzeiger magazines reported in May this year that Swiss travellers have the highest carbon footprint on the planet. We are expert travellers who are concerned to be socially fair and environmentally respectful. Are we to be blamed for our love and need to travel? How much can we care? This complex constellation of challenges seems unsolvable and yet, there are so many beautiful emergent possibilities that are to be seen around us.

Please come join our circle for dialogue on Friday 17. Aug. from 16:00 until 19:00; Where we will share a space for dialogues to explore this impactful topic, with your help find insights and very likely share some surprising reflections.

I am curious about how we can explore our roles as responsible and sustainable tourists and travellers, and my aim with this afternoon session is to create a space for sharing on this topic as we are coming back from our adventures and share what for us was re-creative and perhaps regenerative. It is a dialogue session, a safe space with no critical discussion or presentation. Please feel free to bring an artefact from a trip which perhaps helps us to more deeply experience the story you might share an experience or place.

The Dialogue sessions by Collaboratio Helvetica are created in order open up ways to talk about complex subjects that have no easy answers and yet must be discussed. We host spaces for social innovation with dialogue sessions and living labs on the challenging topics of our times. We work locally and yet throughout Switzerland to bring together people and begin from within with sensing, working through and sharing into the group what is emerging into society.

And therefore we look forward to hearing your stories.

Keith Riggs has worked as an eco-products designer, sustainable services consultant and regularly facilitates workshops and events on circular economy business innovation. He also loves to travel.