Dialogue Evening

What is the Dialogue Evening project about?

Dialogue evenings are an initiative of collaboratio helvetica, which invites the Swiss population to a lively and meaningful exchange on socially relevant topics. A Dialogue Evening is a 3-hour event moderated by a host team that guides the participants through a conversation around the topic. The host team consists of an experienced collaboratio helvetica facilitator and a local person. The desired number of participants is between 8 and 18 persons. Every Dialogue relates to an SDG topic (e.g. gender equality, fair work, environment, etc.). These themes can vary and are chosen according to local needs and interests. All interested and curious people from a local community are cordially invited to participate. During the dialogue evening, the participants go through a process that helps them to connect with the topic on a personal level, to reflect together and to gain new insights from it. Furthermore, the method also opens up new social perspectives and solutions for the relevant topics by using the collective intelligence and perception of the group.

What is the vision behind?

Ultimately, the Dialogue evenings intend to sensitise people from all regions of Switzerland - urban and rural - to the challenges of our time and to offer them the opportunity for active participation. At the same time, we offer a space for Dialogue skills acquisition, and aim at widening and normalising Dialogue as a method in Switzerland. That is why we want to organise at least one dialogue evening in each of the 26 cantons in 2019. In Collaboratio Helvetica, we want to test the assumption that we should expect less from our titles, ideologies or technology but more from each other as human beings. We want to open spaces in which we can enter into authentic, honest and human dialogues in order to strengthen local social cohesion and encourage different actors to act more together. Imagine that neighbors, local governments, businessmen, parents, teachers, children and pensioners come together to think about key issues, have meaningful conversations and find effective conclusions that shape their own context.

Do you want to host a Dialogue Evening?

Would you like to have a Dialogue with your work team? Family? Coworking space? Community? Classmates? Dialogue Evenings are an opportunity for anyone to create a space of meaningful exchange around a topic that matters to him/her/them. The host will provide the venue for the event, and it will be supported by 1 or 2 collaboratio helvetica facilitators. If you want to host a Dialogue Evening, sign up here: 

Would you like to Facilitate Dialogues?

Our first Dialogue Training starts on October 20th 2018. Read everything you need to know on our Dialogue Training page

Our Dialogue Evening topics so far

SDGs and Social Lab related topics:


How can we, as individuals and organisations at the forefront of societal change, fully practice and embody Gender Equality?

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How can we work towards a way of working that is regenerative to us as human beings, our organisations and our planet?

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How can we, as key actors of the Swiss ecosystem, transform the way we consume and produce, to lead the transition to a sustainable future?

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Individual topics, co-developed with the local hosts:


How to think in times of urgencies: In the face of irreversible climate change and mass extinction, how can one devise a life of responsibility, contentment and sustainability?

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The connection between the Dialogue Evenings and the Social Labs:

Dialogue Evenings are the equivalent of the Social Lab at a local level. We will run Dialogue Evenings on questions related to the Quests of the Social Labs in different locations all over Switzerland, in order to involve the Swiss population in meaningful conversations around these topics. The output from these events directly feeds into the Social Labs, further advancing the discussion. Further, Dialogue Evenings are an opportunity for the host venue to establish a connection with the local community and position themselves as a forum where ideas, thoughts and feelings can be exchanged.