Dialogue training

We are entering the next level on our Dialogue Journey at collaboratio helvetica!

  • Are you curious about holding the space for Dialogue, human connection and deep listening in a group?

  • Are you curious to open spaces where real change can happen?

  • Space for human connection and deep listening?

  • Space where the root cause questions, the juicy ones, are addressed?

  • Are you interested to be an active member of a Dialogue Facilitator community, who explores the Dialogue methodology on a deeper level, and who discovers themselves in the process?

Then this training we are putting together in the collaboratio helvetica team is for you!
The Dialogue Training intents to create a learning platform and journey that invites space holders together to strengthen their skills and understanding for Dialogue, and to be part of a community.  

What is this training about?

The training aims at giving the participant tools, methods and new understandings to add into your backpack as a facilitator, space holder and process leader for Dialogue. As well the training aims at co-create and co-shape a Dialogue facilitator community, thus taking the Dialogue movement further. Through the training you will become a certified collaboratio helvetica Dialogue facilitator, and become empowered to take your and our vision further, and bring Dialogue projects out into the world in whatever form.

As a participant you can use the training to improve your existing facilitation activities back in your work and daily life, and/or you can become an active member of the cohe Dialogue facilitators community, and host Dialogues with and for collaboratio helvetica.

Why is this training needed?

We live in a fast paced world, and as our challenges grow more global and complicated, the need to find solutions increases rapidly. Luckily we are the generation which has all the solutions we need to change the current social, economical or ecological challenges we face. However, systemic issues often lie at the root of these critical challenges. Which make the problems we experience counter-intuitive and which blur the cause-and-effect relationship. In many cases the problems are actually paradoxes and when our focus is to solve those (perceived problems) as fast as possible, we might actually repeat or deteriorate the issue even further. Therefore a different way, a more multifaceted way, to tackle current societal challenges is needed. This need has been advocated for decades by people such as Albert Einstein, who said: β€œThe problems we have cannot be solved at the same level of thinking that created them.”

What he meant was that we are often not aware of where our thinking (individually and collectively) is coming from, and how our operating belief system and hidden assumptions reproduce the mechanisms that keep reproducing the problems. We have to shift the level from where we think about, talk about and deal with things (and perceived problems). Our very own thinking and communication is therefore the place to start, when we want to deal with the issues of the world.

What is the vision with this training?

Ultimately the Dialogue spaces hold the vision for a new way of empowering active citizenship and our current democratic system with social technologies (in the form of Dialogue skills) that allow more direct, distributed, and dialogic discourses. Imagine neighbours, local government & businesses, people, parents, teachers, children and retirees coming together to reflect about the key questions that matter to them, cultivating meaningful conversations and coming up with impactful conclusions to shape their own context.

We believe that the people who feel the need for such spaces to appear are already out there. Our vision is to empower those people with tools, skills, knowledge and attitudes, to become great Dialogue space holders and catalysers. We believe that the people who already work a lot with Dialogue as trainers and coaches are already out there. Our vision is to provide a setting and a community to go further on their journey, that will enable these people to work with dialogue, not just as part of their work, but for scaled social change.

The vision is to open a training space that enables each person who sees the necessity for Dialogue to connect with the Dialogue vision of collaboratio helvetica, and to connect to their own personal vision for Dialogue. From the interface of those two visions we wish to see and support people in bringing forth their project, work and dreams of creating deeper human connections as starting points for discussing the main challenges of our time.

Snapshot of our curriculum:

  • Eco-systems work

  • The art of questions

  • Hosting attitude and awareness of the space and setting.

  • Community building

  • Dialogue tools and settings

  • Dialogue principles and guidelines

  • Theory U in group settings

  • Concept of safe space

  • Deepening of the Dialogue flower (collaboratio helvetica Dialogue framework)

  • Learn about assumptions. How do they work? How do we identify them? Work with them? And challenge them?

  • Inner and outer Dialogue.



Do you need more information?

How to join?

Please, read the commitment points first:

Are you dedicated to....

  1. be present and active at all 4 modules

  2. be present and active in minimum 1 Learning Day plus 1/2 Day Reflection & Learning (online option possible)

  3. facilitate a Dialogue Evening with another participant and a host

  4. pay the training fee of 250 CHF + traveling and some accommodation costs

  5. be on a learning journey, where you will learn as well as grow and where you will be asked at times to look at yourself

-> The training is now full... if you are interested in Dialogue the next learning day is coming soon! Check our event agenda for the next events

For further information reach out to Christine.