All the seeds needed for a better future are already here: so many people and organisations are doing outstanding work to shape the future of this country and change our impact on the planet. What is missing to reach a tipping point for collective transformation? Often, we tend to work in silos, or even compete with each other despite sharing a common goal and intention. The biggest challenges of our time can only be solved collectively. 

We believe that change on a systemic level towards a more sustainable future is necessary, and possible - and that it needs to start with ourselves. This is why we invite you to join our community. It is a platform for individuals and organisations that see the need for a profound transformation in Switzerland, and who each hold a unique contribution to this process. We build structures and design processes that allow resources and talents, otherwise confined within organisations, to flow towards impact.

In the collaboratio helvetica community we learn and grow together, support each others’ projects, develop our skills and capacities and nourish the soil for a culture of connection for the future of Switzerland we would like to see. We call ourselves Explorers, because we understand it as co-creating and exploring new ways of doing and being together, and each of us is on a journey to make our unique contributions.

In the last year we have grown into a community of committed people and have run innovative multi-stakeholder projects such as our Social Labs. We continue to invite more members who are interested in making a difference together and engage in promising events and projects - like you.

As a member you can:

  • Deepen your contribution to the future of Switzerland and find moral, personal and practical support for your work. Benefit from our network and the many talents and ideas our community harbors.

  • Support each other’s projects, share your skills, join existing or new projects, unlock new possibilities to collaborate and create more impact thanks to the learnings and connections.

  • Develop your skills and capacities, share your knowledge, attend trainings, learn about new forms and tools of collaboration, facilitation and dialogue by being part of our community of practice.

In our community we:

  • Strive to embody our principles and walk the talk, we practice and learn together

  • create spaces to meet, get to know each other, collaborate, present our projects, learnings and questions

  • work with dialogue-focused, collaborative and experimental approaches towards societal change

  • offer knowledge and practices brought in through trainings, and via the harvesting and sharing of information

  • focus on co-evolving as individuals and as a collective. Therefore we create the spaces and flows to be an alive, agile and learning ecosystem.

DRUCK Collaboratio Helvetica-45.jpg

Our community is an ecosystem of individuals and organizations motivated to join efforts by committing to a deeper sense of purpose - a community of communities


We offer a flexible membership fee that allows you to choose the amount you are able to contribute financially and that feels right to you. Our suggestion is CHF 250.- or CHF 500.- yearly membership fee. If you can’t afford to pay CHF 250.-, you are very welcome to choose any amount that is possible for you. We welcome everyone regardless of ability to pay. Irrespective of the amount you choose, you will have the same privileges and access as everyone else. 

In the same way, if finances are not a big limitation, if you love what we are doing and would like to support us, you are very welcome to choose a higher amount and enable someone else to join the community.

Here are some questions that you might want to consider when choosing an amount that feels right to you:

  • Which amount represents a gesture of commitment for you?

  • What are your financial possibilities?

  • What value does it have for you to be part of our community (even though we think it is impossible to measure this in financial value)?

  • Would you like to financially support the continued work needed to maintain and grow our community network, so that others can also benefit from it?

It is our wish to make the membership in our community possible for everyone, regardless of ability to pay. At the same time we are looking for ways to ensure the financial sustainability of our community in a world that does currently not attribute any financial value to “community” and the idea of co-creating, sharing and learning together. Within our community, a small team is in charge of providing the needed services to foster a thriving community of engaged people (for instance providing the necessary information and tools, being the contact point for questions and inputs, making sure that there are interesting events and projects to attend and to participate in etc.), your membership fee will be used to cover a small part of the related costs (currently around CHF 90’000 per year).

This is the potential you can tap into by becoming an Explorer (very practically)

  • Invitations to internal community events

  • Learning opportunities, the possibility to participate in practice spaces and share experiences with other Explorers

  • Possibility to communicate and exchange with other Explorers via our online community platform

  • Indirect or direct (peer)support for your projects and ideas, depending on your level of involvement

  • Discounts for collaboratio helvetica trainings for active Explorers

  • The possibility to get involved in existing or new projects.

Join the community platform now!

We have built an online community platform in order to make our community members (Explorers) and their work more visible to each other and the general public. The platform supports us as a space for connection, collaboration and sharing, as an extension of our regular face-to-face community meetings. We warmly invite you to join us there! As a first step you can sign up as a “curious” member with limited access to the platform, which will give you a glimpse of our community. For full access, you need to become an Explorer (after paying a membership fee).


This project is possible thanks to the support of Stiftung 3FO.