Description of the method

A coworkation is a creative way to get things done in a beautiful space with inspiring people. As the word says, it is a mix up between collaboration, working and vacation. The time away from our day to day surrounding shall support us in moving the things we care about forward - individually as well as collectively. This means you’ll have time available to work on your own while also having the opportunity to exchange with others, give and find support and inspiration.

For example you can look into the following questions: How can we as a newly emerging community live our values? Support each other in developing our visions? Find & cultivate our inspiration to be actors & artists of our lives? What can help us be a community of growth, personally and collectively? What conditions do we need to create in order to come together and build a solid ground for unleashing our collective potential? A coworkation gives space to dive deep in those processes of asking questions. It can help new team, that just started together as well as long existing communities to find answers to new projects or dynamics.

The process of a coworking is deliberately left open to allow a real co-creation. It is given a framework by a theme, but how the people collaborate in it remains free to them. Each participant has the opportunity to contribute with his/her talents (e.g. Yoga, cooking, dancing etc.) and ideas and to consciously participate in the course of the week.

How to prepare?

  • For a coworkation you need: at least five days in a great place where the participants have enough space to collaborate, like a kitchen, a garden, a conference room, but also space for privacy. In a great surrounding, that inspires to new thoughts.

  • How many people? 5 - 20


Further literature

Read a personal experience from a coworkation.