Spiderweb - A measuring tool for your facilitator skills

In this blog we want to introduce a very simple and practical tool to measure your X on your internal abilities skills map. It shows you your strengths and your weak spots so that you can decide where to focus your next learning steps as a space holder on. It can be also used as an impact measurement for a training.

We created the Dialogue Facilitator Abilities Web for measuring where the individual is on its personal journey of developing the skills of a space holder / dialogue facilitator. 

The web has 8 sectors:

Listening (to the inside and the outside)

  • How well do I find and ask the root questions?


  • How well do I observe my thoughts and emotions without suppressing them nor reacting to them?

Assume and already existing wholeness

  • How well can i tap into a higher perspective and notice the larger whole behind the pieces?

Asking powerful questions

  • How well do I find and ask the root questions?

Voicing (Speaking from the heart)

  • How good am I to speak my truth and not planning what I will say before I speak?

Be a blank sheet for projections

  • How well can I stay detach and unaffected from any projections that come at me from the outside?

Holding the tension

  • How well do I hold tension and stay with the heat?

There are several options how to use this web.

Personal - to get a new reference point

You can do this for yourself at home and check where your strengths and weak spots are and get surprised to see that some of the dimension are not some we are always consciously thinking about.

Personal - regular basis

You can use this web during in an ongoing dialogue training or any facilitator and space holder training and check after a specific time period how you are shifted/improved your skills and also to see which exercises during a training actually strengthens and benefits which dimensions on the web

Collective - check-in put for a training

As a trainer you can use this to check where all participants of a group/team stands at the beginning/end of a training. It is an impact measurement indicator.

You can learn about specific needs of the individuals and the group and you can implement specific exercises which may support the learnings in specific sectors of the web.

Needed time

5-10 minutes to reflect, a pen and yourself

Personal experience

During the ongoing journey of the Dialogue Facilitator Training, we learned that the Dialogue Facilitator Abilities Web was a great tool and support for the participants. Some were just after receiving the different skill sets able to distinguish the different skills within themself. “Before it was more of an idea about what you need to know and to be as a facilitator. After receiving the web it became much more clear to me. “Finally I have distinctions, on which I can relate to.” one participant said after the second module. 

In the dialogue facilitators training that we ran from oct 2018 - May 2019 we have also enjoyed using this tool as a check in before our different training modules. To see where we can improve ourself and where we can support each other as a trainers team.