Recruiting the cohe way

Photo by  Marten Newhall  on  Unsplash

Practice what you preach! Collaboratio helvetica is growing and we need new people to complement our team. To find the perfect fit, we used our own methods and invited five applicants to take part in a co-creation session in Berne. This gave us the opportunity to get to know each person, to see how they think and collaborate. At the same time they experienced our sunny workspace and methods like our check-ins and check-outs. During the session our team and the five applicants collaborated on our communication strategy and discussed ways of sharing our experiences and knowledge gained in the gender lab.

It was the second time we used a co-creating session to find a suitable match. 

Like that the team gets to know the applicant on a personal level and the other way around. It gives as well the possibility to explore other ways of co-working with the applicants, than just for the role we were looking for. New ideas can emerge during these face to face sessions.

One participant described the co-creating session as very constructive and inspiring. “I enjoyed the hands-on approach and collaborating with others meant less pressure to immediately present a solution but gave me time to think. It was great to work with enthusiastic and experienced people. We managed to take up each other’s ideas or criticise them in a constructive way. This morning has taught me that there are more positive and enabling forms of working as a team.”

Watch this space for more information on our plans for 2019 with a bigger team and a brand new community platform (coming soon).