Send a 30

What is this method good for?

To set the base for a trustful collaborative relationship


How does the process look like?

Sending a 30 is a metaphor, from the Radiant Transit exercise from Radical Collaboration, for sending an invitation to collaborate. Sending a 30 means that you are making the first effort to be collaborative and building a long-term relationship. This means to to be clear, open and direct about your intention to collaborate with somebody right from the start, rather than sitting back and waiting for the other person to make the first move. This way you have a greater chance of influencing the direction of the relationship. Consequently, you increase the chances of getting what you want which is to build a collaborative relationship and having your interests met.

Needed time/ materials/ people etc.

This can be applied anytime and in any circumstance to anybody. Sometimes very subtle acts of kindness can result in a big reward. Try yourself to send out an invitation to collaborate. You might need a little courage.

Our Experience with this Method

What comes around goes around - if you want to collaborate with others or improve an existing relationship, the best way to demonstrate this is to be collaborative yourself by sending out an invitation for collaboration. For me it has changed the nature of many relationships by becoming aware of the possibilities I have to influence the interpersonal dynamics at any given stage.

Sources and further literature